About the Series

The Catacombs Mysteries is a faith based education series that is a fun and exciting way for kids to explore Bible stories and their meanings and application to our modern lives.

What if horses never made it onto Noah’s ark?  What if the Pharaoh’s daughter never found Moses?  If you had the chance, would you prevent Adam and Eve from eating the fruit?  Imagine allowing your child to explore these questions and witness foundational Bible stories first-hand in a series of exciting chapter books.

An unknown source has been using a time portal to alter the history of Christianity.  With a little help from God and a bubble gum loving angel, third grader Will and second grader Molly are transported from the basement of their church back into Biblical times.  Once they are there, they must recall their Sunday school lessons and use their own special talents to figure out how to fix the Bible story to set everything right again.  Set within a fun mystery, each book delves into a different foundational Bible story, providing a new perspective on what it was really like to live that story and what impact that event has on current life.  With the use of key memory verses and story references, kids become more familiar with the Bible’s books, chapters, and verses.