About the Books

After moving to Western Loudoun with her family, Mary Litton instantly fell in love with the rambling dirt roads, rolling hills, and bucolic farms and wineries. She soon came to realize that the rural landscape is more than just a pretty place, it is maintained by hardworking, passionate people dedicated to preserving the land and food systems. After listening to their inspiring stories, she decided to partner with Meghan Bollenback to write a food book about Loudoun County.

In addition to this book, Mary writes a children’s adventure series Catacombs Mysteries that is a fun and exciting way for kids to learn Bible stories. Mary’s son and daughter collaborated on the project, providing plot ideas and final approval. The books explore foundational Bible stories through the eyes of two time-traveling elementary school children. Aided by the creative input of her son and daughter, Mary looks forward to writing many more books in the Catacombs Mysteries series.