High Brow, Low Brow

Capital Food and Drink LunchThis is my writing partner Meghan – isn’t she great? She is an amazing cook and food blogger. She is newly engaged, lives in the city with her fiancé and cat, spends time playing with recipes and cooking amazing, healthy food. She’s young and fresh, full of energy – not even a shadow under her eye.


This is the type of food Meghan prepares for her blog. I prepare food like this in my dreams and on my pinterest boards – but in reality, as my schedule gets busier, my dinners look more like this:






I would love to incorporate fresh, local food to feed my family – but I don’t have space in my life for following complicated recipes or making fancy foods that my kids won’t even bother to touch. So Meghan and I decided to try an experiment.

Meghan trying out her new squash bikini

IMG_0088We visited Potomac Vegetable Farm to pick up some fresh goodies. We decided that we would use the same set of ingredients for two different recipes – a fun, grown up dish, and a quick, easy and kid-friendly dish. High brow – low brow (any MTV State fans out there?)

This was a really fun experiment and I ended up with a new recipe for my repertoire (that I have to keep tweaking in order to get the kids fully on board.) Visit Meghan Bollenback’s blog to get the recipes and see us in action!