Special Occasion – Lightfoot

Lightfoot is a place for many seasons and occasions – cozy dinners by the fireplace in the winter, brunches with girlfriends where it is required that you order the tomato soup, and lovely lunches outside on the patio in summer.  We’ve been there for business socials and funeral gatherings.  It is one of the first restaurants we added to the rotation when we moved to Loudoun County.  But I got to experience Lightfoot in a whole new way when we recently had dinner at the Chef’s Table.

Not to be taken lightly, the Chef’s Table is an expensive evening, but a wonderful culinary journey where Chef Ingrid is fully in charge – you sit back and allow the the courses to come to you.  There are no decisions to be made, the courses are well timed over a couple of hours, the waitstaff is fully attentive, and you get to sit in the middle of the action.

If looking for a different dining experience where you want the chef to make all of the decisions, the Chef’s Table is a wonderful way to mark a special occasion.  Reservations in advance are required, as you can tell they put a good deal of thought into planning the menu around your likes and dislikes.