Detail is an important aspect of any type of writing. Detail makes our sentences powerful and provides description necessary for readers to visualize your words.

Revisit something you have recently written - a FB post, email, report, etc. Find general words like "great" or "a lot" and replace them with a descriptive phrase instead. Why was it great? How much is a lot? If you keep repeating, you can build a very descriptive paragraph.

1. The lunch was great. 

2. The lunch was colorful and delicious, and a lot of friends were there.

3. We had lunch in the kitchen where the table was decorated with colorful zinnias cut fresh from the garden. There was a buffet set up on the island with sandwiches and salads. The pear and walnut salad was delicious, it had an apple cider vinaigrette with a little bit of kick. I had a chance to catch up with a few girls from my old book club and I sat next to a new neighbor who just moved in next door.