Family dinner is tough to fit in around practices, but we try our best. So when we have a chance to sit at the table, I love the chance to sit around and really talk. This is also a good chance to teach our kids conversation skills. But some times, it's fun to throw a little silliness in the mix. Spending dinner time laughing together is precious.

I ran across this video with ten dinner games for families. They are a great way to get things going for younger kids (or those young at heart.)   


It is back to school week here and the house is full of nerves, and because we feed off of energy that surrounds us, it also means that I am feeling more anxious than normal. I recently read a trick for anxiety that has been one of the most useful tools I have come across.

It starts with taking several deep breaths (of course).

Then, you have a conversation with yourself.

You check in with your body - what are your physical symptoms? Name each one individually. Just doing this seems to make me feel automatically better. Is there one symptom you can help to control - such as slowing down your shallow breathing? Sitting up straighter so that your stomach unclenches? 

I don't know why this trick works so well, but it has an immediate calming effect on me.


My new motto is "Just Hit Send!" I enjoy meeting new people and making new connections. Social media makes it is even easier than ever to find a way to message with someone new. However, sometimes I get stuck on what to say and spend way too long trying to craft the perfect message. Am I witty and likable? Do I sound fun enough for this person to respond? What I am coming to realize is that if you have good intentions and a natural connection, most people are open. You don't have to convince them with your brilliantly written message. Just a simple "Hi, it was nice meeting you, want to grab coffee?" The words can flow once you get together.  Now I start with a simple sentence and before I can waste an hour on my words, I tell myself to Just Hit Send. 


New school year - same old one word answers.

Instead of "How was school today?" try something new to spark a conversation. Rose & Thorn - each person tells the best part of the day and the worst part of the day. All of the real stories usually comes out when describing the worst parts of the day!

What conversation games does your family like to play?