Words are powerful. And so are you.

I believe that we have the power to change our lives through the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we tell about other people and the world. Encouragement, gratitude and positive psychology lead us toward personal joy and growth. 

My website is dedicated to helping mothers find the right words. Mothers protect their families from the growing negativity around us, and often struggle with issues silently - our children have issues that we can't openly share; we step into closed-door meetings about care taking for aging friends and family; we try to figure out how to raise small children without losing our minds or ourselves; we try to figure out who we are after years of raising children who suddenly don't need us any more. 

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MaRy litton

Words have always been important to Mary Litton. She is an author, creative writing teacher, communications consultant, and certified kids yoga teacher. Raised in the story-telling hills of East Tennessee, she now lives outside of Washington, DC where she hears a different kind of story-spinning. This has compelled her to help people, particularly mothers raising children in a message saturated world, use their words for good.


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